LEMIGAS journals are essentially national journals that elaborate and focus on research and developments (R&D) in oil and natural gas technology. LEMIGAS itself is a national institute for oil and gas R&D under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral resources.  LEMIGAS is tasked to administer two journals, the Lembaran Publikasi Minyak dan Gas Bumi (LPMGB, in Bahasa Indonesia) and the Scientific Contribution Oil and Gas (SCOG, in english).


  • Scientific Contributions Oil and Gas

    ISSN: 2089-3361 (print)
    ISSN: 2541-0520 (online)

    Accreditation Number (Ristekdikti): 30/E/KPT/2018
    Accreditation Number (LIPI): 760/AU1/P2MI-LIPI/10/2016

    SCIENTIFIC CONTRIBUTION OIL AND GAS (SCOG) is a journal for disseminating information resulted from research activities, technology development, case studies, and laboratory testings in oil and natural gas industry. The journal is published in english and issued in three volumes annually.

  • Lembaran Publikasi Minyak dan Gas Bumi

    ISSN2089-3396 (print)
    ISSN: 2598-0300 (online)
    Nomor Akreditasi (Ristekdikti): 21/E/KPT/2018

    LEMBARAN PUBLIKASI MINYAK DAN GAS BUMI (LPMGB) adalah sebuah jurnal untuk penyebaran informasi dalam aktifitas riset, pengembangan teknologi, dan pengujian laboratorium di bidang minyak dan gas bumi dalam bahasa Indonesia.